The blog has been silent since April 5 as I’ve focused on moving as well as just putting things on my Twitch and YouTube channels.  I’m looking into getting a website done as a hub for everything, so don’t expect any posts here for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading and supporting.


Welcome to Episode 17 of the Video Game Therapy podcast, hosted by Dan (@NipnopsTV) and James (@JokesETC). In this episode, the boys discuss the Netflix Series Iron Fist, the world of NieR: Automata and answer listener questions.

This podcast is streamed live on every Tuesday at 9PM EST. Join our Discord community at

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I’m still moving and the stream schedule is only solid through April 9 due to the internet service transferring.  However, that won’t stop us from debuting three new games on the stream this week! You can check the calendar view over on, but don’t get too comfy there as I will also be using my Twitch Events page and we’ll move the scheduling there if it works well.

Monday, April 3: OFF

Tuesday, April 4: 9 PM ET. Video Game Therapy returns after an off week! Hazard and I will be back at it talking all kinds of media and video games for you. We’ll also be taking viewer questions from the electronic mail.

Wednesday, April 5: 8 PM ET. It’s time for OLD TIME HOCKEY! If you liked old school hockey games, don’t miss this stream. There is a story mode we’ll get into as well as some sort of season mode. Really looking forward to it!

Thursday, April 6: 8 PM ET. The third episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has dropped and we’ll delve into it to start the stream. After we finish that, it’s back into Nier: Automata for the remainder of the broadcast.

Friday, April 7: 8 PM ET. The stream will kick off with NHL 17. After that, we’ll be getting into Battle Royale sensation PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. I may grab some subscribers to party with to learn the game!

Saturday, April 8: 7 PM ET. Subscriber Saturday is back with Battlefield 1 from 7-10 PM. Golf will finish out the festivities this week. I was so glad to see you all playing games when I was gone last week. Awesome to see the community come together!

Sunday, April 9: 9 AM ET. SOULS SUNDAY. Nuff said.

Enjoy your week and hopefully I can keep up with the streams during this busy time. Thank you for all your support.

A new week, another smattering of streams for your entertainment this week! I’m moving in two weeks, so I only have my stream calendar updated through this week. After that, things are definitely in limbo as I move the streaming set up and internet. I will not be home this Saturday, so Subscriber Saturday is canceled this week 😦 Here is what we’re looking at:

Monday, March 27: OFF

Tuesday, March 28: 9 PM ET. VGT Podcast #17 is LIKELY, but not set in stone. I have a ton going on in regards to the move this day and we may cancel this week’s cast. Or I might need a cast to vent on. We’ll see.

Wednesday, March 29: 8 PM ET. The final Dark Souls DLC content begins. The Ringed City releases Tuesday and we’ll dive in this Wednesday. I’m very excited to see how the series finishes out!

Thursday, March 30: 8 PM ET. Nier Automata continues as we forge on in this expansive RPG. I’m loving the game so far and we’ve already gotten 2 or 3 endings. 23 more to go!

Friday, March 31: 8 PM ET. FACEIT Friday returns as the lads and I take on some CS:GO. Be there for the banter and subpar CS.

Saturday, April 1: OFF. Stream canceled as I will not be home.

Sunday, April 2: 9 AM ET. Souls Sunday continues The Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3!

I will try to keep up on things, but this is going to be an extremely busy few weeks. Thank you for your patience and continuing support of me and the community.


Welcome to Episode 16 of the Video Game Therapy podcast, hosted by Dan (@NipnopsTV) and James (@JokesETC). In this episode, the boys discuss the wonderful Steven Seagal thriller Asian Connection and answer listener questions.

This podcast is streamed live on every Tuesday at 9PM EST. Join our Discord community at

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Happy Monday everyone! It’s another week of streams here in the House Dannister community. As per usual, you can find a nice calendar outlook on My moving process is really coming along, but we also have a bunch of new games coming up! This week I will debut NieR: Automata, but I also have Old Time Hockey (a throwback to old 90s hockey games), as well as the newest Walking Dead episode AND the final Dark Souls content ever being released all coming up.

Monday, March 20: OFF.

Tuesday, March 21: 9 PM ET. Video Game Therapy Episode 16 will be live as we take on Steven Seagal movie Asian Connection. You can still watch it on Netflix tonight to try and follow along! If you can make it through.

Wednesday, March 22: 8 PM ET. Wednesdays are back! My personal obligations on Wednesdays are over so stream will be earlier and more consistent. This week, we’ll be starting our journey through NieR: Automata. I am super excited as I really enjoyed the demo of this game.

Thursday, March 23: 8 PM ET. NieR: Automata continues! 2B or not to 2B?

Friday, March 24: 8 PM ET. MR. SPICE RETURNS for more MLG Minecraft plays and bullying me off the server!

Saturday, March 25: 7 PM ET. Subscriber Saturday kicks off with Tabletop Simulator and finishes with Golf.

Sunday, March 26: 9 AM ET. The Sunday Morning Stream is back after missing this past week. Hopefully we can finish up Dark Souls III before The Ringed City DLC releases!

All streams are of course broadcast live on Twitch. I hope to see you in chat this week!



-I checked out some Darwin Deez (bottom right) records this week, as I loved the self-titled one. They seem to be more of the same, but solid as hell. Everything Darwin makes is catchy and you will be tapping your foot to it.

-Most everything else is status quo for me, but I’ve been under a lot of stress as my house sold so I have been listening to a lot of Tycho. His music really helps me center and calm down.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on the internet!