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The XX are a British indie pop band.  They are effin good.  I had heard the band’s debut album, which is self-titled, was good, but had no clue what they sounded like.  I went and got the album to give it a listen a couple weeks ago. Holy crap, it is so good. The intro […]

Tons of traffic today.  I was late for work, but listened to a few tunes on the way, hopefully you check some out: In My Place by Coldplay – album link Beautiful Day by U2 – album link Hands by Four Tet – album link Dirty Knife by Neko Case – album link Eriatarka by […]

Bus playlist.


Today’s list: Get Me Naked 2: Electric Bugaloo by Minus the Bear – album link The Collector by Nine Inch Nails – album link Athena by The Who – album link The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails – album link Vengeance is Sleeping by Neko Case – album link Good Times Bad Times […]

Bus playlist.


Today’s list of random stuff: Shine On by ATB – album link Running to Stand Still by U2 – album link Another Version of the Truth by Nine Inch Nails – album link Mother Superior (live) by Coheed and Cambria – album link Cheers Darlin’ by Damian Rice – album link Guess I’m Doing Fine […]

I will be writing about gaming here, as it is one of my passions. Wired magazine released their list of the most anticipated games of 2010. This got me quite excited for the upcoming year in gaming.  I am most excited for APB and Starcraft II.  Blizzard, for me, is the best gaming company on […]

I have been away for a couple days.  This thing will need to creep into my daily schedule more often than just when I have time at work.  Incidently, I had no time at work since the 6th. My cousin recently posted his admiration for Trent Reznor, which to me was kind of a revelation.  […]

Bus playlist


I did know I wanted to do this little thing if I ever had a blog.  Every morning when I take my PAT Bus into work, I put on my mp3 player.  I don’t usually listen to an album (the album format is dying, sadly, thanks to digital music), although the bus ride would get […]