Bus playlist


I did know I wanted to do this little thing if I ever had a blog.  Every morning when I take my PAT Bus into work, I put on my mp3 player.  I don’t usually listen to an album (the album format is dying, sadly, thanks to digital music), although the bus ride would get me through most of one.

Anyway, I will be posting the songs that come on my random shuffle of about 3000 tunes each morning:

  • The Great Below by nine inch nails
  • Little Dipper by Hum
  • Who is Tyler Durden? by The Dust Brothers
  • These Days by ATB
  • Melatonin by Silversun Pickups
  • Prelude by Pendulum
  • All Neon Like by Bjork
  • Wasted Time by Kings of Leon
  • Burden in my Hand by Soundgarden

A lot of the time I skip a song I might not want to hear, but this morning (and probably every morning, if I continue posting it) I did not.  The Dust Brothers is the only one from this bunch I don’t think many people will have heard.  The Fight Club soundtrack is a fantastic album.  Mostly instrumental, but great songs.  Walking around to it is a tremendous feeling.

I also cannot believe how old it makes me feel to know Fight Club is 10 years old now.


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