Absence, already. Music’s impact.


I have been away for a couple days.  This thing will need to creep into my daily schedule more often than just when I have time at work.  Incidently, I had no time at work since the 6th.

My cousin recently posted his admiration for Trent Reznor, which to me was kind of a revelation.  My cousin grew up in a Christian household and is actually still a practicing member of a church, as well as a musician.  He stuck with it, whereas I couldn’t (music or religion), which is another post all together.  Anyway, he got into Nine Inch Nails through Christian bands who sounded like them.  Skillet, and Mortal were two examples of this.  I would have never seen this post coming even 5 years ago.  I am glad it did, and for the right reasons.  It isn’t a rebellion type thing, it has nothing to do with the subject matter Trent sings about.  It is all about the music, which I think a lot of people just can’t grasp anymore.

Trent is someone who you should look up to musically, especially because he has great advice for new musicians trying to break in.  It amazes me he even cares to tell anyone.  But, thankfully he’s in the giving mood.

He is one of the only musicians/record industry people to grasp anything about the new medium, the internet.  If Trent had been running the RIAA back when Napster was being prosecuted, artists and their fans would be in a better place right now.  Instead of embracing technology, the RIAA was your grandfather shaking his fist at the computer screen.  Now, internet radio is almost getting destroyed by royalty fees, traditional radio is 99% terrible, no one buys physical media (oddly enough vinyl is making a large comeback) and all the music you could want is a click away.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’ll still pay for music from a  band I actually respect.  It’s too bad there are very few of those left.


One Response to “Absence, already. Music’s impact.”

  1. Trent Reznor busted guys like Michael Jackson and a few other hosers that would self scalp tickets in order to make their own money on the side. Trent knows the impact, and power music has, but he also knows the boundaries that the musician must fall into. He is one of the most selfless musicians in the business; he always has free stuff for download and whatnot. Thats what fans want! I have many bands that I absolutely love today, but come on, what would they be without Trent’s involvement and commitment to keeping music true and respectable for everyone. His talents are second to none, but his voice and honesty within the industry transcend music itself.

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