2010 gaming news.


I will be writing about gaming here, as it is one of my passions.

Wired magazine released their list of the most anticipated games of 2010.

This got me quite excited for the upcoming year in gaming.  I am most excited for APB and Starcraft II.  Blizzard, for me, is the best gaming company on the planet and has been for a while now, even when they spend double-digit years coming out with games.  There is simply no one better at the finished product.  Blizzard is the only reason PC gaming exists anymore (all apologies to Valve, who makes great games).

APB being a massively multiplayer, open-world setup with no RPG elements beyond the fact you play a character and can go anywhere is amazing.  No grinding, no killing ten goblins for map fragments.  If they pull it off, as in my opinion, only one MMO ever has (World of Warcraft), this will be a blast to play and won’t make me play for 8 hours at a clip.  I love the cops and criminals aspect,  and unlike other classically structured MMO’s I have no idea what I’d play.  Either way it seems fun, although, if WoW is any indicator, more people will probably go criminal.

Starcraft II.  I mean I don’t know what else to say.  12 years now in development by the greatest developers in the world.  Maybe RTS’s aren’t for you, and if that’s the case, it’s the only way you pass this game over.  It will be epic.  Slated for release in three packages for the single player campaigns, and multiplayer right out of the box, on a revamped battle.net (which will give us a glimpse at Diablo III), it will most likely live up to all the hype.  People complain about Blizzard releasing games too slowly, but you can never argue with the results.  They have quite literally, since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, never come out with a bad game.

To close, I will mention one other game they highlight.  The new Legend of Zelda.  The Nintendo Wii is a great family system, and Wii sports is incredibly fun, as are the downloads of classic games.  Nintendo did the Mario games very well too.  Any other game for this system is useless.  They should license Zelda to other consoles, because the Wii is fail at anything beyond clean fun.  Zelda should feel epic and awesome and difficult, those are all things the Wii is not.  I feel bad for this once great franchise being stuck on that thing.


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