Bus playlist.


Today’s list:

A long list today, as traffic was terrible.  But that’s kind of a good thing. Each day it will be a different length and hopefully not a ton of repeats.  The point is to share and recommend some music to you through my random shuffle.  I guess that band I’ll highlight today is Minus The Bear.  If you haven’t heard Minus the Bear, they are an insanely great party band (right there with Phoenix and Passion Pit for me).  Get Highly Refined Pirates (linked above), This Is What I Know About Being GiganticThey Make Beer Commercials like This, and Menos El Oso.  All great albums.  Great lyrics in a lot of songs, despite the silly song and album titles.  They use a lot of fast riffs, arpeggios, and synth.  See them live as well, if they roll through your area, they are a very cheap ticket normally and put on a rocking show.  The song “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse” is one of the greatest songs that I’ve ever heard.  If you get nothing else, get that song.

Small notes:

-Laura Marling is a British singer/songwriter.

Presence (Led Zeppelin) and It’s Hard (The Who) have some good songs but are clearly by great bands past their prime.

CKY rocks real hard.


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