Tuesday, bus ride.


Tons of traffic today.  I was late for work, but listened to a few tunes on the way, hopefully you check some out:

Today’s highlight is actually 2 of these bands.  Four Tet is a one man electronic outfit that does a ton of mix and remix albums, but this song is off an original album, Rounds.  This is a great album even if you aren’t totally into electronic music, or even feel negatively towards it.  Check it out, it may change your mind in regards to what this genre is.  Incidentally, this is one of my wife’s favorite albums, and she isn’t particularly even into the style.  It is a much easier to digest album than most of the genre; a good starting point.

Mew is a band I just recently came into contact with.  My friend had them on a mix that he was playing at a party.  I went out and got all their stuff not soon after and love most of it.  Frengers is their best album. I highly recommend it as a starting point for this band.  They have 2 singers a lot of the time, harmonizing and it sounds great.  They do rock out, but it’s kind of mellow for the most part.  Very solid band, especially Frengers.


-U2 has not made a good album since Pop (How Rolling Stone rated their 2009 record the best of the year is beyond me.  This band sucks now)

-The Mars Volta have other good records, mainly Amputechture

-Dishwalla does have songs besides “Counting Blue Cars”


One Response to “Tuesday, bus ride.”

  1. I really like the newest U2 disc and also select songs off of dismantle! I really need to get back into The Mars Volta. I have no listened to another disc since Deloused. I listened to that so much I got sick of it; however, I just recently got back into it! Also, Mew is awesome! I still live off their cd Frengers. The opening song off of that disc is quite possibly the best first song ever! Am I wry? No

    keep the lists and post coming!

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