Album review: The XX


The XX are a British indie pop band.  They are effin good.  I had heard the band’s debut album, which is self-titled, was good, but had no clue what they sounded like.  I went and got the album to give it a listen a couple weeks ago.

Holy crap, it is so good.

The intro song right away grabs you and pulls you into this minimalist indie/pop/soul style.  They have only 2 instruments, sometimes 3 going at once.  Pretty basic stuff: drums, guitar, bass, and some synth beats.  The real key to this album though is the vocals of Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim.  They duel throughout the album, singing harmonies and call/response style with great feeling and an incredible genuine sound.  I felt like they really had some connection as lovers/friends through the album.

This album doesn’t have many twists and turns in style, and stays pretty mellow and soulful from beginning to end.  As I mentioned above, it is very minimalist.  The lyrics are also simple, but in a good way, and there are memorable lines from several songs.  Overall, this was an eye-opening album for me, as I had no idea what this would sound like.  It did appeal to some of my electronic music tastes, but really it isn’t in that vein at all.  If I had to classify them in my way, it would be indie soul.  Stunningly good album, great first listen experience and it continues every subsequent listen.

I’m setting us in stone/piece by piece/before I’m alone

My verdict: 8.0/10

Get this album.

PS:  Still working on how to review albums, so I apologize if this is a bit rough.  Thanks for reading.


One Response to “Album review: The XX”

  1. good review, and I really like your bus playlists they are a really cool way to show people some good music

    In the future, on your reviews I would post a music video or a song so that people can listen and read at the same time. This can help people better understand your description of the band and the album.

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