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Something new.


I haven’t written anything new in nine years.  Nine years without any constructive self-expression. So, I’ve written.  I don’t have really have a title, but we’ll call this The Room for now.  Thanks for reading. The Room I did not know construction had gone on too long until there was no light left and I […]

I saw Purity Ring live last night and it was a great show. Make sure you go catch them on this tour! You can check some pictures out on my instagram. Now, on to business. This Friday is a crazy release day for some reason. As usual, I use Google Play so some of these […]

This is part of a series of poems I did based off the photography of Todd Hido. The titles are the house numbers from the pictures. This poem was written about 10 years ago and I still have a hard time reading it aloud. #2077 The street is empty and cracked, dry like desert earth […]

When I made this post three weeks ago, one week had already passed since I made the biggest mistake of my life. I had gotten a real shock and as it’s turned out, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I keep referencing this Fight Club quote, but it feels accurate for […]

Once again, here are some new releases to look out for this week! (Note: I use Google Play, not iTunes, thus why sometimes these may be a week later or not entirely “new”). In Return (Deluxe) by Odesza: This album was pretty awesome when it originally came out last year. Great, chill electronic music/beats with solid […]

This week, I am once again looking over my new releases on Google Music and giving out some albums to listen to. Between II Worlds by Nero: Dubstep, EDM, whatever you want to call it, I really like the way Nero does it and they have a new one out! So There by Ben Folds: A […]

An old poem.


I wrote this as an undergrad.  I used to write a lot. I was a better person then. Adoption I ask her if she could feel the eyes on her in the waiting room She says I don’t know She says you will never feel them trace the curve of your belly looking for traces […]