New Music Friday – 9/25/15


I saw Purity Ring live last night and it was a great show. Make sure you go catch them on this tour! You can check some pictures out on my instagram.

Now, on to business. This Friday is a crazy release day for some reason. As usual, I use Google Play so some of these might not be 100% new. Let’s dive right into it:

What a Time To Be Alive by Drake: This is a collaboration between Drake and Future. I personally enjoy Drake a lot, if you don’t, well, probably don’t check this out. Otherwise, give this a listen for sure.

Caracal by Disclosure: New one from electronic group Disclosure. From what I’ve read, this album is not traditional EDM and goes to strange places.

Every Eye Open by CHVRCHES: I am a huge fan of CHVRCHES and the singles they’ve put out would indicate this album is just as fantastic as their first release. A must-listen for fans of electro-pop.

Automatic by Kaskade: I’ve recently come to love Kaskade. Some of his some songs give me that epic, happy, peaceful feeling that old “In Search of Sunrise” Tiesto records gave me. I’ve liked the singles off this, especially Whatever.  Check this one out.

b’lieve i’m goin down… by Kurt Vile: Rocker Kurt Vile comes out with a new record today as well. I’ve liked his older stuff, so I’ll be giving this a listen…whenever I get through everything on this list.

Harmlessness by The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die: I only recently discovered this band, but it is my absolute favorite thing to listen to right now. Some amazing post-rock/emo that hits me right in the heart. The singles released were really solid, so I’m excited for a listen.

Honorable mentions: Fetty Wap by Fetty Wap, Big Grams by Big Grams, Big Boi & Phantogram (what a collab).

Here’s my most recent 3×3:


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