Now Playing/Life Update!


I know I’ve been slow on the blog lately, but I’m in a lot of transition right now.

I’m selling my house, so cleaning up and prepping the house for showings has begun and that’s a lot of work for one person. I’ve also started dating again, so that’s taking up a few evenings here and there. I just couldn’t stand to sit at home anymore every single night. I needed to get out and make some new friends, so this is a good thing! I’m still doing super well from my last life update and I’ve now lost 24 pounds and I’m starting to see strange things on my body called ‘muscles.’ They are very foreign to me.

As far as streaming, I apologize for doing a lot less of it, but the time just isn’t there to go five nights a week anymore. If you haven’t caught a stream of mine, I have a Twitch channel you can follow. The blog lives on and I’m actually working on a large post of my Top 5 Favorite Albums.  It is quite the undertaking.

Now, for some music you can listen to right now and my 3×3:

The Medic by Foxing: Devastating lyrics just make this one for me. Also this video is pretty powerful.

Wall to Wall (Depreciation) by Knuckle Puck: I love singing along to this song. It is most definitely leaning into pop-punk, but for some reason, I’m loving Knuckle Puck. hopefully going to see them live at the end of this month.

Sweetest Thing by Camera Obscura: Finally, some Camera Obscura in memory of the late Carey Lander.

And finally, my latest 3×3:

If you ever want to chat, you can always find me on Twitter or in my Discord server!


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