New Music Friday: November 13, 2015


It’s another new music day and there is some interesting stuff out today for many genres.

Know-it-All by Alessia Cara: Another new pop record this week from a female vocalist, on the heels of Ellie Goulding and Grimes last week. Alessia Cara is a Canadian born singer and she’s only 19 (which makes the song “Seventeen” somewhat hilarious). This is a pretty straight up pop record, but she has such a soulful voice and damned if it isn’t catchy to listen to.  It is pretty mellow outing and there aren’t any songs really attempting to be dance hits or anything on here, just solid songs. I could chill out to this record at home, on the couch. Definitely give this a listen!

Garden of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never: This album is a hard one to describe.  Some moments are fantastic electronica, others are just…weird.  Epic turns and builds come down the pipeline, like the sublime “Mutant Standard.” What an experience that song is. This album is getting plenty of critical acclaim, but for me, i felt there were a lot of throwaway songs with brilliant moments scattered through out the record.  If you’re into a more experimental form of electronic music, give this a listen.

Other new releases: Beings by Lanterns on the Lake, Disenchanted by Handguns, Vitals by Mutemath, and I guess Justin Bieber has a new record.

This new Missy Elliot song is fantastic:

Annnd finally the 3×3:


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