I wrote this poem in undergrad for a prompt assignment. We had to make a poem based on a writing convention, such as a palindrome (as I did).  It is based on a set of children’s books from the 1970s and 1980s.  I saw a film version of Hannah is a Palindrome in elementary school and the film itself had no words.  It was haunting.  The film focused on a girl named Hannah.  Her teacher points out her name as an example of a palindrome and the other kids make fun of her.  It was on one of the old school projectors and the film was probably made only for schools as I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube or Google.  I really wish I could.  Hope you enjoy.



Hannah is a palindrome
beautiful as wet leaves
in haze, in street light

she stands in that film grain
frame by frame, she moves
with a deliberate sadness
for children who don’t understand her
who don’t yet understand their own
gentle embrace

she is a girl alone
defined by this word
taking steps in this blurry film
steps to carry her anywhere else
but through these dark frames

she is a girl alone
in haze, in street light
beautiful as wet leaves
Hannah is a palindrome


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