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work in progress   You sit, observing as I begin to take myself apart the eyes go first, right then left placed upon the table with utmost care so they still stare up at you with worried weight next my mouth perpetrator of many crimes spewing nonsense from whatever grievous momentum has gripped it I place it […]

there was so little new music I cared about on Friday, I didn’t do a post. In the meantime, here is an update of some stuff I’ve been listening to: Across the Oceans by The American Dollar: A new one is out from the ambient/chill duo The American Dollar. I am a few songs in and […]

Some new releases to check out today and some new music I’ve been listening to: A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay: I have listened to this whole album today.  Coldplay seems to thrive when they go back to the basics of Chris Martin and a piano. Less is more with this band and they […]

I’ll likely come back to this at a later time.  Just wanted to get it out there. Hope you enjoy. —————————————- The needle drops onto the moon & Antarctica and as we sit in that second floor apartment we all stop and listen filling in the track breaks with clanking bottles smiles and knowing looks no […]