Now Listening Update!


there was so little new music I cared about on Friday, I didn’t do a post. In the meantime, here is an update of some stuff I’ve been listening to:

Across the Oceans by The American Dollar: A new one is out from the ambient/chill duo The American Dollar. I am a few songs in and it is just fantastic so far.  Their joyous but subdued sound will definitely put a smile on your face and get your head bobbing.  This record feels more upbeat than their previous efforts and I’m really enjoying it.  Here is Mosaic, the first track.

Behind the Devil’s Back by Fightstar: This is a metalcore album. Whatever that means.  All I know is that normally, I would hate this type of music, but these guys hit the right balance of melodic sounds and synths with some fantastic guitars. It borders on cheesy in parts, but I’m still really liking this album.

And finally, I would post my 3×3, but my scrobbling extension appears to have been mostly broken.  Bands I’ve been listening to: Caspian, Prawn, Into it. Over it., Alessia Cara, Crywolf, and many more.

What have you been listening to lately?


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