One Year Sober


After finally seeking help in therapy and coming to terms with my alcoholism, something I was reluctant to admit; I was still having the occasional beer, despite being an alcoholic.

One year ago today, I decided it had to end there. I hadn’t been drunk in 3 months at this point, but I decided that to keep myself and others safe, alcohol had to go completely. I did not want a relapse into the unhappiness and anxiety that had plagued my life for many years. I was determined to get better.

I’m now at a happier point in my life that ever before. There have certainly been bumps and down turns along the way, nights where I really needed a drink, but overall I’m doing really well. I can’t erase anything I did in the past, but the man I once was is gone and buried. I’m a better partner than I ever was in my marriage and a better father to my children. I’ve learned to let things go that I can’t control and not worry about them. I’m able to be happy with myself and not just when I’m drinking, as was the case for many years.

Oh, and also my seasonal allergies went away and I’m 25 pounds lighter. Small side effects!

I didn’t do this alone though. And I will continue to need help. Alcoholism doesn’t just go away. Thank you to my entire online community for all the support over the past 18 months. Thank you to Tay for being a friend last Autumn, when things were at their worst. Thank you to the friends that stuck around and encouraged me. Thank you to my family, who I finally let back into my life during all this, for all their love and support. Thank you to my kids who give me some real good reasons to stay healthy every time I see them. Maybe they’ll read this one day. And finally, thank you to Lauren, who takes everything in stride and is a wonderful, supportive partner.

If you want to learn more, or have any questions I will be doing an AMA tonight on Twitch at 7 PM ET. It’s been a while. Let’s chat. Leave questions here.



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