Live streams: December 12 – 18 + Schedule Change


In an effort to get more organized, here is a blog post with the outlook for streams this week.  For a general outlook of what’s happening, check out this google doc.  All streams generally start around 7 PM ET on Twitch.  Wednesday and Monday (until further notice) are normally scheduled off.

There is a change this week that will last until about March. No more Monday night streams 😦 This is replaced by the Sunday morning stream, so still the same amount of shows every week.

Tuesday, December 13: VGT Podcast #2 is live at 9 PM ET! Might play something on stream before the cast, we’ll see how prepared we are this week.

Thursday, December 15: I will start with some NHL17 and then follow up with a continuation of Watch_Dogs 2. That game is so stupid.

Friday, December 16: The Isaac grind continues as we take on Greed Mode with various characters. Possibly some FFXV or Watch_Dogs 2 as well.

Saturday, December 17: I may be streaming during the day as I have some extra time this weekend. Subscriber Saturday will of course happen in the evening!

Sunday, December 18: The morning stream will happen again, as it replaces Monday nights for the time being. I will probably be grinding out some chill Final Fantasy XV.

Have a great week and hopefully I see you on Twitch!


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