Live streams: December 19 – 25


In an effort to get more organized, here is a blog post with the outlook for streams this week.  For a general outlook of what’s happening, check out this google doc.  All streams generally start around 7 PM ET on Twitch.  Wednesday and Monday (until further notice) are normally scheduled off.

Tuesday, December 20: VGT Podcast #3 will be live at 9 PM ET. This should be a joyous time as it’s the last podcast before Christmas. Get caught up on previous episodes here.

Wednesday, December 21: This is normally an off day, but there will be a stream during the day as I’m off work. Keep your eyes on Twitter/Discord for more info!

Thursday, December 22: There will likely be multiple streams Thursday as I continue to be off for break. There will be Final Fantasy XV during the day, with Isaac taking over in the night stream.

Friday, December 23: Day stream will occur featuring Final Fantasy XV with a splash of NHL. Night will consist of some NHL 17 and Isaac.

Saturday, December 24: There will be no Subscriber Saturday due to Christmas eve, but I may stream at some point anyway. Keep an eye out for start times.

Sunday, December 25: MERRY CHRISTMAS! There will be a Sunday morning stream due to the schedule of my Christmas day. 🙂

Enjoy your holidays and I’ll see you on Twitch!


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