Live streams: December 26 – January 1


In an effort to get more organized, here is a blog post with the outlook for streams this week.  For a general outlook of what’s happening, check out this google doc.  All streams (except Sunday) generally start around 7 PM ET on Twitch.  Monday and Wednesday (until further notice) are normally scheduled off.

Dern Souls begins next Sunday, January 1!

Tuesday, December 27: VGT Podcast #4 begins at 9 PM ET! This is the final podcast of 2016. Hopefully we don’t die like everyone else this year.

Thursday, December 29:  NHL17 starts us off, followed by Diablo II!!!

Friday, December 30: Friday takes us off the beaten path slightly with one game of CS:GO Solo Matchmaking followed by NASCAR Heat Evolution. Yes, NASCAR.

Saturday, December 31: No stream as it is New Years Eve. Kick 2016 in the balls on the way out.

Sunday, January 1:  DERN SOULS 2017 BEGINS! Stream will start in the morning as usual on Sunday. Dark Souls kicks us off.

Enjoy the week and your New Years. Stay safe no matter what you decide to do.


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