Live Streams: January 9 – 15


In an effort to get more organized, here is a blog post with the outlook for streams this week.  For a general outlook of what’s happening, check out this google doc.  All streams (except Sunday) generally start around 7 PM ET on Twitch.  Monday and Wednesday (until further notice) are normally scheduled off.

Special note: I’ll be hosting Awesome Games Done Quick all week as they marathon for charity!

Monday, January 9: Off

Tuesday, January 10: Dern Souls around 7 PM. VGT Podcast: Episode 6 airs at 9 PM ET!

Wednesday, January 11: Possible Dern Souls continuation when I get home, but likely an off day.

Thursday, January 12: There may not be a stream this Thursday or it’ll be a late start. Going out with a friend! Social activities!

Friday, January 13: Slight change, but Dern Souls continues at around 9 or 10 PM ET.  This is obviously a much later start than normal, but there will be a stream.

Saturday, January 14: SUBSCRIBER SATURDAY! BF1, Golf and Jockbox games are once again on the menu.  Golf has some interesting twists now with its recent patch!

Sunday, January 15: Dern Souls continues in the morning and there will likely be a late or longer stream Sunday as well.  I have slightly more free time this weekend than usual. That means more streams for you!


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