Live Streams: January 16 – 22


I’m late on this post this week. Apologies, but I was sick as hell over the long weekend so everything is off kilter this week. I will still post the remainder of the week’s schedule:

Wednesday, January 18: I am hoping to start mini-streams on Wednesday night to at least get some content going, as I’ve lost streaming days to unavoidable RL stuff for the time being. I’ll try to do an hour or 90 minutes tonight for you.

Thursday, January 19: We are flying through Dark Souls II so far and I’ll continue our Lightning Man Thursday night at the normal stream time of 7 PM ET.

Friday, January 20: Dark Souls II continues once again as we may approach the end of the game. Stream may not start directly at 7 PM, but that’s my aim.

Saturday, January 21: Subscriber Saturday happens once again! We’ll be playing some Call of Duty 4 (PC), Jackbox and Golf.

Sunday, January 22: The morning stream will continue Dern Souls as we either finish Dark Souls II or even start up Dark Souls III! Start time, as usual on Sunday, depends on when I wake up.

Enjoy the rest of your week before the CS:GO major kicks up next week!


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