House Dannister Live Streams: January 23 – 29


In an effort to get more organized, here is a blog post with the outlook for streams this week. For a general outlook of what’s happening, check out this google doc. All streams (except Sunday) generally start around 7 PM ET on Twitch. Monday and Wednesday (until further notice) are normally scheduled off.

Monday, January 23: OFF

Tuesday, January 24: VGT Podcast Episode 8 airs live at 9 PM ET. We usually go live earlier and chat with you guys before the cast! This week we’ll be focusing on the Steven Segal film “Force of Execution.” It is gonna be ridiculous.

Wednesday, January 25: Ministream will happen again this week because I had a ton of fun with it last Wednesday. I’ll be live around 9 PM ET. If the CS:GO playoff pick ’em is live, we’ll start with that. If not, we’ll do Isaac challenges!

Thursday, January 26: Dark Souls II DLC continues as we make our way through DLC #2 and with any luck, finish it. 7 PM ET start.

Friday, January 27: There will likely be a stream, but it’ll start late; around 10 PM ET time. I know this is abnormal, but my kids will be over, so they take priority.

Saturday, January 28: Subscriber Saturday Returns again! This week we’ll be trying out Tabletop Simulator, so get it downloaded and we’ll play some board games together.

Sunday, January 29: The Sunday Morning Stream will be Dark Souls II DLC this week, or if we make good progress, Dark Souls III!  See you at 9 AM ET.


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