Four Podcast Episodes For Feeling Human Again


The world is crazy right now. We all feel a little overwhelmed, angry, depressed or just numb with everything that is happening. For me, I need something to get me inspired, motivated, laughing or even crying.

As someone who commutes, this usually comes in the form of various podcasts or music. I could have posted a million episodes here, but found some highlights for you. So, here are four of my favorite podcast episodes for feeling something:

Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky: Casey Neistat and the Shared Perspective

Josh sits down with vlogger Casey Neistat (who I had never heard of when I first listened to this) to talk about creative process and perspective. Casey plugs his app beme really hard, but the conversation surrounding that is interesting and worth listening to. If you are feeling tapped out creatively, give this a whirl.

Love + Radio: The Living Room

Love + Radio is hit and miss, but when it hits, it is one of the very best podcasts out there. The Living Room is a story of voyeurism turned heart-aching tragedy. It illustrates how observing the lives of others, we can be touched irrevocably. For me, it shows that everyone has something going, so treat your fellow humans with respect and love. Warning: You might cry on your bus or your drive home.

Joe Rogan Experience: Henry Rollins

This is the reason I even made this post. I was so fired up from this episode I wanted to run through walls this morning! Henry talks about his nomadic, prolific lifestyle with humor, joy and inspiration. He’s also got some crazy stories covering war torn countries, visiting North Korea, sitting in with Black Sabbath and more. As Henry says: “I just want to burn bright…I want to explode as much as possible.” You’ll want to do the same thing after this episode.

The Dollop: James Sullivan and the 1904 Olympic Games

I had to put something funny on here (especially after including The Living Room). Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds take their history show live in this episode about the insane, absurd and true story of the 1904 Olympics. This episode is hilarious and shows that humanity has always been completely nuts. Take solace in that.

There you have it. Four episodes and several hours to get you feeling human again. Let me know some of your favorite podcasts or episodes in the comments or tweet at me!



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