House Dannister Stream Schedule: February 20 -26, 2017 (Mr. Spice Returns!)


UPDATE: Thursday stream canceled this week. Too much real life going on that night.

We are almost to the end of the shortest month of the year and I haven’t finished Dark Souls III. I’m not even close. Dern Souls 2017: A Year Long Odyssey? I hope not.

Onto the schedule, which includes another stream with my son!  For the general outlook check out this google doc. All streams are broadcast on Twitch and in EST. If you have suggestions for games or activities, email or message me on Twitter/Discord.

Monday, February 20: OFF. No stream.

Tuesday, February 21: 9 PM – VGT Podcast Episode 12 followed by some post show games. This has worked out well the past two weeks and I’m enjoying chilling with viewers after the podcast.

Wednesday, February 22: 9 PM – Despite my PS4 possibly dying, we’ll do some NHL 17 followed by some Watch Dogs 2. Yea, really. Watch_dogs 2. Devon von Devon.

Thursday, February 23: 9 PM or later – I have a vet appointment for my dogs Thursday that starts pretty late, so I don’t know if/when I’ll be streaming. As always, I will try to make it happen!

Friday, February 24: 8:30 PM – Hunter returns for a special birthday stream! You guy and Mr. Spice had an amazing time last Friday. We’ll be playing some more Minecraft for you all and talking with chat.  Should be an awesome time.

Saturday, February 25: 7 PM – Subscriber Saturday! We’ll start off with CoD4 (PC) and then move into some Tabletop or Golf. Get that CoD4 re-downloaded my dudes!

Sunday, February 26: 9 AM ET – Dark Souls 3 continues and we try to get another Isaac unlock as the Road to 1001% continues!

Enjoy your week everyone and I hope to see you in Discord and stream chat!


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