3×3: My Week in Music for March 3, 2017 (Birthday edition!)




-I have listened to my first Elliot Smith record ever (middle left). I know this ruins my credibility to some of you, but either/or was my first one! I need to give it more listens as work has been crazy and I haven’t been able to really digest it yet.

-Throwing it back a bit this week with the Minus the Bear EP: They Make Beer Commercials Like This (bottom right). This is a great six song EP from back when MTB were really killing it. “I’m Totally Not Down with Rob’s Alien” is one of their best songs.

-Also reappearing this week is the stellar self titled Moving Mountains album (top left). Now Moving Mountains just need to make another album after putting out a couple great songs on a split with Prawn last year.

That’s it for this week! It’s my birthday today, so I’m now real old, but still enjoying great music. Have a good weekend!


2 Responses to “3×3: My Week in Music for March 3, 2017 (Birthday edition!)”

  1. 1 agenta

    I’m curious Dan, how do you get this 3x3s? I’d love to see what my own are.

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