House Dannister Stream Schedule: March 6 – March 12, 2017


UPDATE: Wednesday canceled and Thursday change to Let it Die!

Back to normal, for one week at least. My house has sold, so moving is coming up and I’m sure that’ll screw everything up for a while. Nier: Automata is on hold until we find out how the PC version is.  You can find the full week outlook on, but i’ll get more detailed below:

Monday, March 6: OFF

Tuesday, March 7: 9 PM ET. VGT Podcast episode 14 + the post show come at your live! We’ll be discussing how good it feels to sell a house.  And that’s it. For two hours.

Wednesday, March 8: 9 PM ET. LET IT DIE returns as we finallt delve into the actual game for a couple hours. I’m excited to get my ass kicked.

Thursday, March 9: 8 PM ET. The stream will start with NHL 17 Playoffs for a couple hours, followed by LET IT DIE to cap out the stream.

Friday, March 10: 8 PM ET. Mr. Spice returns to electrify your lives for a couple hours on Minecraft. He’s a boss!

Saturday, March 11: 7 PM ET. Subscriber Saturday kicks off with Tabletop Simulator for a couple hours, followed by Golf with Your Friends. I can’t wait for everyone to prevent me from winning anything.

Sunday, March 12: 9 AM ET. The Sunday morning stream continues Dark Souls III, which may conclude depending on how far we get Thursday.

Have a great week and I hope to see you on Twitch!


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