House Dannister Stream Schedule: March 13-19, 2017


The moving process is heating right up and time is going to start becoming scarce, but I’m gonna grind out as many streams as I can! The calendar outlook can be found on New games and old favorites return this week 😀 All streams are broadcast on Twitch.

Monday, March 13: OFF.

Tuesday, March 14: 9 PM ET. Video Game Therapy – Episode 15 is coming at you live with the post show following at 10 PM!

Wednesday, March 15: 9 PM ET. We debut a new game: Hollow Knight! This game looks like a pretty good metroidvania, with influences from Salt and Sanctuary and Dark Souls.

Thursday, March 16: 8 PM ET. We will take a look at the new Battlefield 1 Expansion! I will be playing some new maps and probably squadding up with subscribers.

Friday, March 17: 8 PM ET. FACEIT Friday returns as I squad up with the lads for banter and a lot of CS:GO wins. 😀

Saturday, March 18: 7 PM ET. Subscriber Saturday kicks off with some Battlefield 1, followed by me handing  over the keys in Golf With Your Friends.

Sunday, March 19: 9 AM ET. Dark Souls 3 continues! Several bosses still remain, including Nameless King. I’ll see you in Chapel Dannister.

Streams may get canceled if moving stuff comes up, but I’m committed to being live on Twitch as much as I can. Thank you all for your support.


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