House Dannister Stream Schedule: March 20-26, 2017


Happy Monday everyone! It’s another week of streams here in the House Dannister community. As per usual, you can find a nice calendar outlook on My moving process is really coming along, but we also have a bunch of new games coming up! This week I will debut NieR: Automata, but I also have Old Time Hockey (a throwback to old 90s hockey games), as well as the newest Walking Dead episode AND the final Dark Souls content ever being released all coming up.

Monday, March 20: OFF.

Tuesday, March 21: 9 PM ET. Video Game Therapy Episode 16 will be live as we take on Steven Seagal movie Asian Connection. You can still watch it on Netflix tonight to try and follow along! If you can make it through.

Wednesday, March 22: 8 PM ET. Wednesdays are back! My personal obligations on Wednesdays are over so stream will be earlier and more consistent. This week, we’ll be starting our journey through NieR: Automata. I am super excited as I really enjoyed the demo of this game.

Thursday, March 23: 8 PM ET. NieR: Automata continues! 2B or not to 2B?

Friday, March 24: 8 PM ET. MR. SPICE RETURNS for more MLG Minecraft plays and bullying me off the server!

Saturday, March 25: 7 PM ET. Subscriber Saturday kicks off with Tabletop Simulator and finishes with Golf.

Sunday, March 26: 9 AM ET. The Sunday Morning Stream is back after missing this past week. Hopefully we can finish up Dark Souls III before The Ringed City DLC releases!

All streams are of course broadcast live on Twitch. I hope to see you in chat this week!


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