House Dannister Stream Schedule: March 27-April 2, 2017


A new week, another smattering of streams for your entertainment this week! I’m moving in two weeks, so I only have my stream calendar updated through this week. After that, things are definitely in limbo as I move the streaming set up and internet. I will not be home this Saturday, so Subscriber Saturday is canceled this week 😦 Here is what we’re looking at:

Monday, March 27: OFF

Tuesday, March 28: 9 PM ET. VGT Podcast #17 is LIKELY, but not set in stone. I have a ton going on in regards to the move this day and we may cancel this week’s cast. Or I might need a cast to vent on. We’ll see.

Wednesday, March 29: 8 PM ET. The final Dark Souls DLC content begins. The Ringed City releases Tuesday and we’ll dive in this Wednesday. I’m very excited to see how the series finishes out!

Thursday, March 30: 8 PM ET. Nier Automata continues as we forge on in this expansive RPG. I’m loving the game so far and we’ve already gotten 2 or 3 endings. 23 more to go!

Friday, March 31: 8 PM ET. FACEIT Friday returns as the lads and I take on some CS:GO. Be there for the banter and subpar CS.

Saturday, April 1: OFF. Stream canceled as I will not be home.

Sunday, April 2: 9 AM ET. Souls Sunday continues The Ringed City DLC in Dark Souls 3!

I will try to keep up on things, but this is going to be an extremely busy few weeks. Thank you for your patience and continuing support of me and the community.



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