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The blog has been silent since April 5 as I’ve focused on moving as well as just putting things on my Twitch and YouTube channels.  I’m looking into getting a website done as a hub for everything, so don’t expect any posts here for the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading and supporting. Advertisements

I woke up today, and for the first time since 2006 I didn’t have a job. So I slept in! Normally there is a feeling that you got one over on the man when missing work and sleeping in, but today had none of that was present. Everything just felt weird. The first thing I […]

The world is crazy right now. We all feel a little overwhelmed, angry, depressed or just numb with everything that is happening. For me, I need something to get me inspired, motivated, laughing or even crying. As someone who commutes, this usually comes in the form of various podcasts or music. I could have posted […]

I did an AMA on Tuesday, November 22nd, answering all manner of questions.  If you missed it live, here’s the video: Enjoy and thanks for the support.

One Year Sober


After finally seeking help in therapy and coming to terms with my alcoholism, something I was reluctant to admit; I was still having the occasional beer, despite being an alcoholic. One year ago today, I decided it had to end there. I hadn’t been drunk in 3 months at this point, but I decided that […]

Six years ago this November, I began my journey into gaming content creation. This was the height of Call of Duty commentaries and that’s where I started. I started by posting a video a week, and built a following through this modest output. However, once live streaming was a thing, the grind and effort of […]

I’ll likely come back to this at a later time.  Just wanted to get it out there. Hope you enjoy. —————————————- The needle drops onto the moon & Antarctica and as we sit in that second floor apartment we all stop and listen filling in the track breaks with clanking bottles smiles and knowing looks no […]