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Notes: -I have listened to my first Elliot Smith record ever (middle left). I know this ruins my credibility to some of you, but either/or was my first one! I need to give it more listens as work has been crazy and I haven’t been able to really digest it yet. -Throwing it back a […]

Notes: -I finally listened to the entire two hours of Undertale (top left) and man, it is so so good. As a soundtrack to a work day, that is a great album. Different moods, different energy throughout but always fun, realxing and allows me to focus on work too. -Knuckle Puck’s Copacetic climbs back into […]

Notes: -I enjoyed the new Lupe Fiasco record (bottom left). Don’t know if I’ll go back to it too much, but it was a good listen. -Couple of Death Cab records (mid left, top center) make their first appearance in years on my 3×3. Ingenue is one of my favorite songs ever. -The Hotelier’s brilliant […]

Notes: -The Undertale Soundtrack is incredible, particularly Hopes and Dreams. What an absolutely triumphant song! Incredible work by Toby Fox. I should probably play the game sometime. – Other than that, I’ve been listening to a lot of chill stuff in light of my job change and work situation. Apologies for missing this post last […]

Notes for this week: -The new Japandroids album (lower right) is phenomenal. It released today. They have hit three home runs in three records. Go see them live if they hit your city because they put on one of the best live shows you’ll ever see. -I listened to the newest Tycho album (lower left) […]

This is my last 7 days. Some notes: -The new Bonobo record, Migration (top left) is absolutely great. Chill as hell, great grooves. -The XX (middle right) have done a standard XX record here and that’s absolutely fine. It sounds great and I’m okay with them staying in their comfort zone here. No need for […]

It’s Friday! That means the weekend and it also means new releases hitting Google Play (in my case). ┬áMost of these should be on all major streaming services anyway. Bit of a light week this week, at least for my tastes. Exhausting Fire by Kylesa: Some metal shows up for the first time on this […]