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Welcome to Episode 17 of the Video Game Therapy podcast, hosted by Dan (@NipnopsTV) and James (@JokesETC). In this episode, the boys discuss the Netflix Series Iron Fist, the world of NieR: Automata and answer listener questions. This podcast is streamed live on every Tuesday at 9PM EST. Join our Discord community at […]

A new week, another smattering of streams for your entertainment this week! I’m moving in two weeks, so I only have my stream calendar updated through this week. After that, things are definitely in limbo as I move the streaming set up and internet. I will not be home this Saturday, so Subscriber Saturday is […]

Happy Monday everyone! It’s another week of streams here in the House Dannister community. As per usual, you can find a nice calendar outlook on┬áMy moving process is really coming along, but we also have a bunch of new games coming up! This week I will debut NieR: Automata, but I also have Old […]

The original Nier came out in 2010 for the Playstation 3. No one thought it was likely we’d be getting a sequel as E3 2015 rolled around, but then NieR: Automata was announced. Now, 18 months later, we have a full fledged demo on Playstation 4. The game feels a lot like Devil May Cry […]